Glasgow Neuro Conference 2021

Glasgow Neuro is honoured to announce the 2021 International Conference will be held on Saturday the 20th of November 2021 at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

We have invited world-renowned neurosurgeons and neurologists leading their fields to deliver talks on topics at the cutting-edge of research and practice, hoping to engage even more students and trainees in applied neuroscience. Our Keynote speaker for the conference will be Professor Gary K Steinberg, who will be flying from Stanford University, California, to speak about the most intricate aspects of the speciality- cerebrovascular neurosurgery.

Our workshops include an exclusive interactive opportunity to get "stuck in" and perform intracranial pressure monitoring on calvariums with brain-like matter using surgical-grade probes, as well as workshops providing high-yield targeted advice on how to maximise your points for the highly competitive portfolio required to get an interview. They will discuss how to seek opportunities and succeed in them relating to the various domains of the highly competitive neurosurgery selection portfolio.

Frequently asked questions about abstracts

Who will review my work?

Our honorary presidents Mr Roddy O'Kane (Consultant Neurosurgeon) and Dr Tracey Baird (Consultant Neurologist) will be reviewing each abstract to finalise selection for the event. If you would like your abstract to be published in SNI, publication is subject to review by Professor Nancy Epstein and other members of the SNI editorial board.

Will it cost extra for publication?

There is a ~£30 additional fee for publication. This contributes solely towards APC (publication) fees and does not generate profit for ourselves or SNI itself

Will we be marked on poster quality?

During the conference, speakers will be reviewing and marking your work. The top posters are eligible for a prize!

Will there be oral presentations?

Unfortunately due to time constraints, there will only be poster presentations this year. However, in previous years we have seen lots of engagement with the posters from speakers and delegates and you will have plenty of opportunity to talk about your work!

Are case reports allowed to be submitted?

Yes! We welcome case reports. Please submit your 300 word abstract as Introduction, Case description, Conclusion.

How does publishing to SNI work? Will I get my own DOI?

the SNI journal is publishing our conference proceedings, including all abstracts should they wish to be included. This will all be under one DOI but will still show your author status (so is still very beneficial for future applications!)

I want to get my abstract published but it's neurology-focussed rather than neurosurgical. Is this okay?

Of course! We are called Glasgow Neuro after all! Neurology or neuroscience abstracts are welcome and eligible for submission to SNI like all others.

When will I hear back about my abstract?

We will get back to you shortly after the deadline to let you know of the outcome and any next steps. Please ensure you buy a ticket before this as spaces are extremely limited - refunds will be issued for anyone whose abstracts are not accepted or who wishes to withdraw their abstract.

When is the deadline for the abstract submission?

Saturday 6th November 12pm

My question isn't on here - what do I do now?

Email us at for any other questions!