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Glasgow Neuro Conference 2021

Glasgow Neuro is honoured to announce the 2021 International Conference will be held on Saturday the 20th of November 2021 at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

We have invited world-renowned neurosurgeons and neurologists leading their fields to deliver talks on topics at the cutting-edge of research and practice, hoping to engage even more students and trainees in applied neuroscience. Our Keynote speaker for the conference will be Professor Gary K Steinberg, who will be flying from Stanford University, California, to speak about the most intricate aspects of the speciality- cerebrovascular neurosurgery.

Our workshops include an exclusive interactive opportunity to get "stuck in" and perform intracranial pressure monitoring on calvariums with brain-like matter using surgical-grade probes, as well as workshops providing high-yield targeted advice on how to maximise your points for the highly competitive portfolio required to get an interview. They will discuss how to seek opportunities and succeed in them relating to the various domains of the highly competitive neurosurgery selection portfolio.

  • What positions are up for grabs?
    We are lucky to have a big committee and thus we have lots of positions available for you to apply for. For Glasgow Neuro there are: Four executive committee positions President (served at least 1 year in the committee prior) Vice President Secretary Treasurer Ten general committee positions VP Conference Affairs Neurosurgical Conference Convener Neurology Conference Convener Clinical Skills Officer Education Officer Marketing Officer (x2) Welfare Officer Senior representative Junior representative (available for applications after September)
  • There are so many positions. Which is the best one for me?
    We recommend looking at our AGM slides and/or recording above to see what each of the position entails and decide which are the best picks for you. In your application please include up to 2 preferred roles. Additional roles that you are interested in applying for if unsuccessful in your preferred roles can be listed at the end of the application. For more details on the application process can be found in the 'What should I include in my written application?' question below
  • How do I apply?
    Submit a written application to by 5pm on the 28th of June 2023
  • What should I include in my written application?
    Submit maximum 300 word statement on why you wish to be a member and what you can contribute to the improvement of the society Include a relevant 1 page CV e.g. prior committee positions, evidence of dedication to the clinical neurosciences, organisational abilities Include up to 2 preferred roles. Additional roles of interest can be listed at the end of the application. Format applications as name, student number, course, current year group, preferred roles, personal statement, additional roles, CV.
  • When is the deadline for applying?
    Friday 28th June at 5pm
  • Who will review my application?
    Each application will be anonymised before being reviewed by our honorary presidents Mr Likith Alakandy (Consultant Neurosurgeon) and Dr Amy Davidson (Consultant Neurologist). Each application will be graded and positions will be filled by the most suitable application.
  • I do not study medicine. Can I still apply?
    Of course!! Our applications are open for all students at University of Glasgow no matter what you are studying here.
  • When should I hear back?
    As our review panel are working doctors it is unclear when they will complete the review process and thus we are unable to give an exact date for when you will hear back about your application. However, this will definitely be prior to the start of the academic year All successful applications will be informed via email Regrettably we are unable to get back to unsuccessful applications
  • I was unsuccessful in my application. What should I do now?
    We are sorry you have not be successful. Please do not feel disheartened as our application process is very competitive. Our junior representative position will be open in September for applications for those in the junior years (those that are in their first or second year of their course). Furthermore, taking an active role as a member of Glasgow Neuro and get involved in our events throughout the academic year would put your application in good stead in future applications.
  • My question isn't on here - what do I do now?
    Email us at for any other questions!
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