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2017-2018 COMMITTEE


Michael Helley


It is with great pleasure that I can serve as President for the 2017-2018 session as I enter my final year of Medical School.


I realised my interest in the nervous system during a dissection class in St Andrews University. When holding an embalmed brain in my palms - I pondered how this grey blob was once the seat of someone’s consciousness, a lifetime of memories, decisions and emotion. It’s a fascination that hasn’t lost its foot hole amongst the throes of   medical school.

To pursue my interest in neuroscience I underwent an intercalated Masters of Research at the University of St   Andrews before transferring across to Medicine at Glasgow. My research focussed on trying to increase the intrinsic capability of corticospinal tract neurons to regenerate following injury by attempting to target growth receptors from the cell body to axon ends using viral vectors.


To compliment the “Academia”, I have pursued self-selected blocks and electives in Anaesthetics, Emergency   General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Trauma Surgery, in a desperate attempt to figure out how humans function as   an entity and how we can fix things when it all goes wrong. I am thrilled to be part of Glasgow Neuro to further   explore my own interest in the nervous system and neurosurgery and to facilitate the spread of interest in the neurological sciences and clinical specialities.


We have a fantastic group of motivated people on the committee this year and we can only build upon the foundations and success that have been laid down by the bold ventures of those before us.

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