Glasgow Neuro was established in 2010 by Allan Hall, a third year Glasgow medical student at the time.


The aims of the group are to provide undergraduate medical students and postgraduate clinicians with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of the nervous system and to allow students and clinicians with an interest in the nervous system, as well as those wishing to pursue  a career in the neuro specialty, to share their interest with fellow students and clinicians. This is achieved through a variety of session ranging from local lectures and clinical skills sessions to both national and international events.


The group is fortunate to have the support of several world leading clinicians and organisations. Without their support Glasgow Neuro would not be possible and the group is very thankful to these clinicians and organisations. Membership is currently £3 for annual and £10 for lifetime and is open to all medical students and clinicians with an interest in the neuro specialty.


To date, Glasgow Neuro has secured some of the world's leading clinicans for lectures/seminars from institutions around the world including Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge; John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford; Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US; Harvard medical school and UNSW in Australia.

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