Michael Helley - President



It is with great pleasure that I can serve as President for the 2017-2018 session as I enter my final year of Medical School.


I realised my interest in the nervous system during a dissection class in St Andrews University. When holding an embalmed brain in my palms - I pondered how this grey blob was once the seat of someone’s consciousness, a lifetime of memories, decisions and emotion. It’s a fascination that hasn’t lost its foot hole amongst the throes of   medical school.

To pursue my interest in neuroscience I underwent an intercalated Masters of Research at the University of St   Andrews before transferring across to Medicine at Glasgow. My research focussed on trying to increase the intrinsic capability of corticospinal tract neurons to regenerate following injury by attempting to target growth receptors from the cell body to axon ends using viral vectors.


To compliment the “Academia”, I have pursued self-selected blocks and electives in Anaesthetics, Emergency   General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Trauma Surgery, in a desperate attempt to figure out how humans function as   an entity and how we can fix things when it all goes wrong. I am thrilled to be part of Glasgow Neuro to further   explore my own interest in the nervous system and neurosurgery and to facilitate the spread of interest in the neurological sciences and clinical specialities.


We have a fantastic group of motivated people on the committee this year and we can only build upon the   foundations and success that have been laid down by the bold ventures of those before us.

Elliot Tilling - Vice President



Having recently completed my Intercalated year, I am now a 4th year medical student at Glasgow University. I have a keen interest in the neurosciences as a potential career option for the future.


My ambitions have been developed through a number of self-elected placements in both paediatric and adult neurology and neurosurgery. For my Intercalated BSc (Med. Sci) I also chose to undertake a clinical neuroscience specialist course. This gave me the opportunity to explore the complexities of neurological disease alongside learning about both the scientific and clinical research currently being carried out by Glasgow University researchers. My intercalated degree also gave me the chance to undertake a research project with the stroke research team at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


I hope that in the position of Vice President I can provide encouragement and guidance to the more junior members of the society whilst also playing a supplementary role in helping my more senior colleagues on the committee. I look forward to another year with Glasgow Neuro and I hope I can contribute to the future achievements made by this fantastic society. 

Rebeka Nagova - Secretary


Currently a 4th year medical student, I’ve had an interest in the Neurosciences since my high school years and have been enjoying it throughout med school. At the moment, my interests have shifted towards Paediatrics as well, with Paediatric Neurology being a likely area I want to specialise in. This was further developed during my intercalated degree which I completed in Women’s and Children’s Health last year.


This is my third year serving on the Neuro Society committee, and I’m very excited to be part of this dynamic and ambitious group. Hopes are high that we’ll be able to run many more interesting and useful events this year, attracting students and doctors both from Glasgow and further afield!


 Craig Murray - Treasurer



Entering my fourth year of medicine, following my intercalated degree in physiology, my interest in the neurosciences has grown mainly since completing my dissertation on the characterisation of cerebral organoids. I have also had the opportunity to complete an SSC in craniofacial surgery where I was mainly exposed to cases of craniosynostosis, and this summer I shall be interning in a pharmaceutical lab which specialises in immunodementia.


I’m excited to be part of the Glasgow Neuro team, and hope to effectively contribute to ensure that that we continue to build on the success of previous committees in the upcoming year.

Elizabeth Stewart - Education



Currently in my 2nd year of medicine at Glasgow, I developed my interest in neuroscience during my biomedical science degree where I undertook elective modules in neuroanatomy, neurodevelopment and neuropharmacology. My honours thesis focussed on teratogenic pharmacology, including the effects of certain drugs on neural development. 


Since then I’ve done a lot of interest reading in the area, from newly published studies to older resources like the works of Oliver Sacks. During my SSC in anaesthetics, I completed a project on structural changes to the brain in response to behavioural pain management techniques. 


I've really enjoyed being a member of Glasgow neuro and am excited to contribute to its future successes. 

Michael Clark - Co Conference Convenor



I have long been interested in the brain and nervous system. My intercalated degree in clinical neuroscience allowed me to explore this in more depth, which I enjoyed greatly. During this year, I completed a research project investigating circadian rhythms in mice and the effect disruption to these rhythms can have on the brain. I then organised a summer project which allowed me to continue to research this fascinating area.


Over the last two years I have nurtured an interest for research and academia. As part of the Glasgow Neuro Society I would hope to promote and encourage an interest in research in students throughout the medical school. Being involved in organising the Neuro Conference this year is a prospect and challenge I look forward to.

Katy Homyer - Co-Conference Convener




As a graduate of neuroscience, I have been interested in the workings of the nervous system for years. Last year I performed a summer research project in translational neuroscience, in a laboratory working to find treatments for Fragile X Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders. I presented my work at two conferences and was commended for the quality of my research presentation. 


Heading into my second year of medicine, I am looking forward to discovering the clinical side of neuroscience and developing the skills required for a career in the field.  I look forward to making the Neuro Conference better than ever and helping to 

make the Glasgow Neuro Interest Group better than ever.

Josephine Tang - Ordinary Member

I am a currently a first year medical student at Glasgow and have previously studied Neuroscience at the University of Leeds in which I really enjoyed. I also undertook a laboratory placement in which involved culturing dopaminergic neurons from epiblast stem cells in order to further the knowledge of stem cell therapy in Parkinson's disease.


I am very excited to be part of this society contribute in maintaining its success.

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