Josephine Tang - President


Having been involved in this society for the past two years, I am honoured to be serving again and now as President of the society.

From my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience my interest in the nervous system has grown throughout the years. During this, I undertook a laboratory placement for a year at the National Institute of Medical Research in the department of developmental neurobiology. My project involved culturing stem cells into dopaminergic neurons to further the knowledge of stem cell therapy in Parkinson’s Disease. This summer I went to Japan for my elective and spend two weeks in the Neurosurgery department. Not only did I have the opportunity to see a variety of operations, I was able to see how the healthcare system and department differed compared to the UK.

I am excited to work with the rest of the new committee to keep building on the society’s past successes and engage as many students and doctors as possible to this field.

Katy Homyer - Vice President


I am delighted to be this year's Vice President for the Glasgow Neuro Society, having served last year as secretary.

As a graduate of neuroscience, I have been interested in the workings of the nervous system for several years. Following my undergraduate degree, I performed a summer research project in translational neuroscience, in a laboratory working to find treatments for Fragile X Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders. I presented my work as a poster at two conferences, winning prizes on both occasions. I also presented work orally at the Doctors Academy International Winner of Winners Competition, where I was delighted to be awarded first place.

Last summer, I was lucky to shadow an Attending Paediatric Neurosurgeon at the University of California, Davis. This opened my eyes to the world of neurological surgery and the unique challenges it presents. I am looking forward to continuing to discover the clinical side of neuroscience and developing the skills requires for a career in the field.   


Ramandeep Gill - Secretary



Neurology is field that greatly interests me. With complex anatomy and intricate physiology, the nervous system remains largely undiscovered. It intrigues me how multiple sophisticated circuits can function in sync to influence how we perceive and interact with our environment

My interest in the field was further strengthen by a recent SSC in neurology. During this module I was able to complete a review investigating the efficacy of immunotherapy in treating limbic encephalitis. I have furthered my interest in neuroimmunology in a recent study which looked at the involvement of anti-GAD antibodies in patients with Downbeat Nystagmus.

The capacity for academia and clinical work is enormous and through my role as secretary, I hope to highlight this to more and more students.

Barbora Krivankova - Treasurer



The inner workings of our brains and the rest of the nervous system is what got me to study medicine in the first place. I always wondered how our nervous system creates our reality or controls our actions; and how that is affected by pathological processes. I really enjoyed my year spent studying Neuroscience followed by an internship, focused on 3D remodelling of interneurons within the medial entorhinal cortex.


During my student selected components I chose to do pain management module focusing on anti-nerve growth factor antibodies in chronic pain; I audited the use of neuropsychological services in management of Multiple Sclerosis and underwent neurosurgical placement focused on epilepsy neurosurgery. I hoping to do the best I can for this society to further the engagement of fellow students and doctors in this field. I am looking forward to being a part of this great group.

Mohammad Ashraf - Co Conference Convenor



I am extremely grateful to be joining Glasgow neuro as conference convener for neurosurgery. I believe this will be an excellent opportunity to further develop my professional interests and I aim to provide my best efforts to bring speakers who are authorities in their field for our conference so I can share my passion for the speciality with my friends and colleagues at Glasgow.

Fraser Glass - Co-Conference Convener


For the previous academic year, I acted as the ordinary member of Glasgow Neuro society and I enjoyed both being a member of this committee and the responsibility the role required. Having completed by BSc in clinical medicine with Neuroscience as my speciality, I was keen to continue to have some form of contact with the subject. Therefore, I was eager to continue to be a member of the Glasgow Neuro Society


Building on my previous contribution to the society, I am acting as a co-conference convenor and I am excited to continue contributing to the society and help plan the 2020 Glasgow Neuro Conference. I believe that continuing to be a member of this committee is a fantastic opportunity to gain further insight into neurology and look forward to the year ahead.

James Hampson - Educational Officer

I’m entering my fourth year of medical school. I previously did a degree in philosophy, a subject which increasingly touches on neuroscience in abstract terms, without the depth of neuroscience. I’ve grown increasingly fond of neurology since beginning medical school, and undertook a summer elective at a specialist neurological hospital at the end of my third year.

I became interested in Glasgow Neuro through its always excellent conference, and since then have attended evening lectures put on by the society as well, which feature equally interesting speakers. I hope to continue this trend for the society this year.

Ben Beasley - Clinical Skills Officer

I am excited to be serving my first year on the Neuro committee as Clinical Skills Officer. My interest in neurology & neuroscience sprung from a recent SSC, in which me & another student were tasked with producing an information video for patients considering Deep Brain Stimulation. As part of this, we were invited to regularly scheduled teaching as well as time on the wards, which gave me a sense of what the specialty involves and the types of patients a neurologist will see.

I am studying Psychological Medicine this year as part of an intercalated degree, and I hope this will give me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of the mind, and I’m sure what I learn will be complementary to my interest in neurology.

Vivienne Evans - Senior Representative 

I’ve always been interested in the inner workings of the brain; why we behave the way we do, how we function, etc. at a biological level, as well as what pathological changes result in disease.  This helped me to choose my first degree, anatomy and led me to undertake a neuroscience-based thesis (around the topic of epilepsy as a network disease, and the anatomical changes with this). This interest also encouraged me to seek neurology and neurosurgery related work experiences (such a as a month-long studentship with a North Carolina Neurosurgeon, and clinical experience with an experimental neurologist in London). My experiences in these work experiences really solidified my idea and ideals about medicine, and I’ve been hooked since then.

I’m delighted to be the senior representative for the Neuro Society this year, a role that I hope will allow me to gain some experience in a wide range of parts of the committee as I’ll be on hand to help all members of the committee when they need it. I’m also excited to contribute to the society’s success in the coming year.

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