Conference 2018

Thank for you attending the Glasgow Neuro Conference on the 17th November 2018, at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

We would like to thank the speakers who took their time to travel to Glasgow and talk about their cutting edge work, as well as the sponsors who enabled the conference to be another phenomenal success. 

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For those who attended the conference, we are currently in the midst of sorting out certificates, so please bear with us and we will e-mail them out shortly. Thank you. 

Conference speakers 2018

Dr Kathryn Ko

Glasgow Neuro is delighted to welcome Dr Kathryn Ko as one of our speakers for the 2018 conference. She is a truly remarkable and inspirational woman and hopefully the next few points will show you why she is someone you will want to hear from!

• She is New York’s longest serving female neurosurgeon
• Chief of neurosurgery at level one trauma centres across New York
• Specialises in emergency neurotrauma and patented the insitu hinge craniotomy procedure
• Pioneered the use of a pulsed ruby laser to create holograms of the brain and image deep structures within the brain
• Writer of “The Survival Bible for Women in Medicine, 1998”
• Masters in Fine Arts and Curator for the American Medical Women’s Association


If you want to keep up to date with this extraordinary woman, then follow her @doc_ambidexter on Instagram or @DrKathrynKo on Twitter, or watch ‘Art on Call’ on Youtube.

Dr Jon Stone

Glasgow Neuro are delighted to welcome Dr Jon Stone as one of our speakers for the 2018 conference. If you have ever had any questions about functional neurological disorders (FND), or are wanting to learn even more about them then this is a talk not to miss!

• He created, a website for neurological patients than has now been translated into 12 other languages and is viewed 60,000 times a month
• In 2014 he was awarded the RCP Jean Hunter Prize for Nervous disorders 
• He has advised on the new diagnostic criteria for functional disorders in both the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5) and International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision (ICD-11)
• In 2017 he was awarded the President’s Medial by the Royal College of Psychiatrists 
• Dr Stone has given invited plenary sessions at the American Academy of Neurology, World Congress of Neurology and Movement Disorders Congress and grand rounds at both Harvard and Stanford


If you’re wanting to hear more from Dr Stone on FND, then visit FND Hope on Youtube or watch this lecture Dr Stone delivered to the North British Pain Association in November 2014

Professor Andre Grotenhuis

Glasgow Neuro are delighted to welcome Professor Andre Grotenhuis from the Netherlands as one of our speakers for the 2018 conference. 
We can’t wait to hear what Professor Grotenhuis has to say and here’s a few points to get you as excited as we are!

• Past president of the European Association of Neurological Sciences (EANS)
• Pioneered modern minimally invasive neurosurgical and neuroendoscopial techniques 
• Received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 for his accomplishments in the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery 
• Co-founded the journal ‘Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery’ 
• Authored nearly 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications (and this figure is ever growing!), 21 book chapters and 2 books
• Active reviewer for journals including Neurosurgery, Journal of Neurosurgery and Central European Neurosurgery to name a few

Professor Lesley Jones

Glasgow Neuro are delighted to welcome Professor Lesley Jones from the University of Cardiff as one of our speakers for the 2018 Neuro conference. Her work on neurodegenerative diseases has been ongoing since the 1990s with her primary focus on genetic modifiers of Huntington’s disease.

• Recently showed that age of onset of HD and other rare neurodegenerations caused by a similar repeat expansion mechanism were influenced by mechanisms related to DNA repair 
• Member of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Scientific Advisory Board since 2013 and the Huntington Society of Canada Research Board since 2016
• Lead Facilitator of the Genetic Modifiers working group of European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) from 2003-2018
• Co-editor of the 4th edition of Huntington’s Disease (Oxford University Press 2014)
• Regularly reviews for grant boards nationally and internationally and has reviewed >20 papers in 2018 so far across a range of journals

Professor Lorenzo Bello

Glasgow Neuro are delighted to welcome Professor Lorenzo Bello from the University of Milan to the 2018 Neuro conference. Professor Bello’s key focus is in Neuro Oncological Surgery in which he has performed ground breaking surgeries and tumour removals!

• Honorary contract professor at the University of Cambridge 
• Director of the Cancer Neurosurgery Unit at the Humanitas Research Hospital 
• Leads a group that performs generally 450 cases of intrinsic brain tumour surgery per year and has performed over 2300 procedures in the last 10 years!
• Expert in intraoperative neurophysiology and brain mapping techniques 
• Has been a member of the Italian Board of Neuro Oncology, European Association of NeuroOncology alongside many others, and Co-director for the Functional Imaging Subgroup European LGG Network


If you are interested in hearing more from Professor Bello, then follow this link to see a lecture he gave at the 12th European Low Grade Glioma Network in 2017

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